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Elphel 353/363 series cameras and camera modules

Support, tips, and tricks


There is a new series of Elphel cameras that continue the line of 303, 313/323 and 333 - it is 353/363 now.

The Processor Board (10353) that is used in both 353 and 363 cameras has the same physical dimensions as the earlier 10333 but has some important changes:

The 10353 board is designed to be an engine for a variety of cameras when supplemented with additional modules.

Modules for the 353/363 series cameras

Sample images and videos captured with Elphel Model 353 camera

Elphel Development Blog Image Gallery

See: http://blogs.elphel.com/image-gallery/

Elphel Development Blog Video Gallery

See: http://blogs.elphel.com/video-gallery/

Apertus - open source cinema Video Gallery

See: http://www.apertus.org/videos

Apertus - open source cinema Image Gallery

Also has RAW DNG samples, See: http://www.apertus.org/still-images

Sample image 1: Elphel Model 353 camera (5MPix sensor)
Sample image 2: Elphel Model 353 camera (5MPix sensor)
Sample image 3: Elphel Model 353 camera (5MPix sensor)
Sample image 4: Elphel Model 353 camera (5MPix sensor)

Dedicated wikipage for images and videos examples.

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