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Because this wiki is relatively new compared to Elphel Inc. company lifetime not every past developed camera has the proper wiki coverage.

To get a better overview of the release dates check out the camera timeline.

This list should cover the most important facts about the previous camera models.

Elphel 353 [available]

Elphel 333 [discontinued]

This model was released in 2004 and marked the beginning of the cinema camera development.


Elphel 323 [discontinued]

This camera is actually not a discontinued model. It was initially released in summer 2003 as high speed / high resolution document scanning camera.

Elphel 313 [discontinued]

The second elphel camera released with inital 1.3 MPix CMOS in fall 2002.


Elphel 303 [discontinued]

This was the first ever open source camera, that newly formed Elphel Inc. released in summer 2001.

It already featured the ETRAX 100LX CPU which is still in use - though with more hardware resources - in recent products and a Quicklogic anti-fuse (single time programmable) FPGA.


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