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Russia page 10349.Ru

Elphel 10349RevC board
1.8" IDE HD with zif connector
10349 RevC mounted on 10353

Interface board.

  • 2 internal serial port
  • 4 ports USB hub with 3 internal, 1 external USB ports
  • IDE port for the 1.8" hard drive with ZIF Flat cable
  • 2 socket for external usermade board
  • some points for soldering wires directly to board (from external board to 10349 for example), easy hardware developing.

Connector pinouts

 internal USB2, USB3, USB4
   1 - power
   2 - D-
   3 - D+
   4 - GND
 J7 is the serial port
   1 - RX
   2 - TX
   3 - CTS
   4 - RTS
   5 - GND
   6 - removed, used as key
 J7 pin layout (1 is marked)
(GND)       (RX)
     5  3  1
     6  4  2
 J4 for connect external boards. All wires of J4 connected to the solder pads. For make connection via wires.
 J5 for connect external boards
   1 - EXT0 (FPGA IO signal)
   2 - EXT1 (FPGA IO signal)
   3 - EXT2 (FPGA IO signal)
   4 - EXT3 (FPGA IO signal)
   5 - EXT4 (FPGA IO signal)
   6 - GND
   7 - EXT5 (FPGA IO signal)
   8 - GND
   9 - +3.3V
   10 - +3.3V
   11 - CTS (TTL level)
   12 - RTS (TTL level)
   13 - RX (TTL level)
   14 - TX (TTL level)
   15 - not connected
   16 - not connected

Serial console

A serial console can be connected to the first com port available on 10349 board.

The port settings are 115200 bauds 8N1 parity.

You can use minicom, cu or ttylog on computer side.

Power description

It has DC-DC converter 3.3V->5V 1.5A. Each USB port has current limit to 300mA. Each port is overcurrent protected via USB power distributed systems. Use both IDE hard drive with USB devices can be overload Power over Ethernet equipment. Use external additional power injector.

Power consumption in different configurations

Here are some results on power consumption test made in different configurations with Elphel 353 camera, 5MPix sensor, 10349 board, 1,8" HD and USB staff...

2400 milliwattsjust booted
3000 milliwattsafter setting image parameters
3700 milliwattsstreamer on
3300 milliwattsstreamer off
3800 milliwattsstreamer on and somebody playing the stream
5000 milliwattswith streamer on and HD writing at full speed (dd)
5800 milliwattsstreamer on, HD and USB-flash writing at full speed
3300 milliwattsback to streamer off

Tests was performed with Linksys SRW224P POE switch

Kit for Developers

  • for serial cable - connector A3B-6D-2C (Digi-Key) - 1 + half of AE9873-ND (Digi-Key) - 1
  • for internal USB sockets - AE10179-ND (Digi-Key) - 1
  • for additional boards connectors 3M5311-ND (thru-hole 2mm, Digi-Key) - 2
  • or for additional boards connectors 3M5309CT-ND (SMD, Digi-Key) - 2
  • blank PCB board V1255-ND (Digi-Key) - 1

Next revision

In new revision of this board we want use much more IDE interfaces.

* IDE port for a 2.5" hard drive
* IDE port for CompactFlash card
* IDE port a 1.8" hard drive with ZIF Flat cable
* SATA port

For make SATA port we can use IDE<->SATA bridge or soft IP core in a FPGA.

IDE-SATA bridges:

  • JMicron [JM20330] (send email, no answer)
  • Marvell [88i8030, 88SA8040] (need sign NDA, sucks)
  • Silicon Image [SiI3611] (Available only through your local sales contact. send email, no answer)
  • Atmel [AT78C5010] (Available only through your local sales contact. send email, no answer)
  • ACARD [ARC-770] (Available only through your local sales contact. send email, no answer)

Now I can`t found any datasheets for this. These are big secrets of the companies :(

I've got several different IDE-SATA adapters that we're going to test with ETRAX IDE port. They all have one of the following 3 chips:

  • Silicon Image SiL3611CT80 - seems to be discontinued by the manufacturer?
  • Marvell 88SA8040-TBC
  • Sunplus SPIF223A-HF022

--Andrey.filippov 14:25, 19 November 2007 (CST)

maybe (if you haven't already implemented) it will be usefull putting a small led that indicate the recording status

  • standby =led light on
  • writing =led light pulsing

Body of camera for developers

Case A consist of a large window on the top and transparent clear plastic panel for closing. Anybody can easy modified this panel for any application.

Case B consists of a large space with two bodies. Can use same as back panel can use for backpanel clear plastic too.

Body for developers kit A
Body for developers kit B
Body for developers kit other of A
Body for developers kit other of B
Body for developers kit other of C
Body for developers kit other of A

Another version of a "developer" camera body

Here are the rendered 3d-image and the source files Assembly200709-developer af01.png

With socket for serial 3D design files

With socket for serial and IO ports 3D design files

Other variant with socket for serial. 3D design files

With socket for serial.
With socket for serial and IO ports.
With socket for serial.

New version of a "developer" camera body

Design files 3D design files

With socket for serial.
Socket with screw.