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103695 - IMU Adapter Board


103695 is an adapter board used with the 10369 interface board to connect Analog Devices inertial measurement units (IMU) such as (ADIS-16375, ADIS-16405 and similar to the Elphel Model 353 camera.

Adapter uses two general purpose I/O of the camera FPGA, available on each of the 10369 USB/extension connectors J9..J11. The 103695 board provides 3.3V/5.0V power to the IMU (selectable by on-board resistors) and supports different speed SPI interface to the sensor unit. The device connector (J2) can accommodate a number of Analog Devices units, it should be possible to use the board with connector adapter with other SPI sensors.

Camera interface to the 103695 board is implemented in the FPGA (starting with firmware revision 8.1.0). Up 28 different 16-bit registers (plus 8 bytes of the timestamp with 1 microsecond resolution) are periodically addressed, read and stored in the camera system memory over the DMA channel. The logged register addresses are programmed at run time in the FPGA using the device driver.


J1 - to 10369 board

connector to the 10369 board
Pin Signal Notes
1 VP33IN +3.3V power input
2 MISO output to the FPGA (multiplexed data/ready from SPI)
3 NMISO composite input from the FPGA, source of SPI output signals
4 SDA i2c SDA
5 SCL i2c SCL
6 GND ground
7 VP5IN USB +5V power, not used
8 DM USB data - , not used
9 DP USB data + , not used
10 GND ground

J2 - to IMU

connector to the 10369 board
Pin Signal Notes
1 DIO3 connected to wire pad W7
2 DIO4 connected to wire pad W8
3 SCLK SPI clock, output
4 IMU_MISO SPI data, input
5 IMU_MISO SPI data, output
6 IMU_NCS SPI CS, active low, output
7 DIO1 connected to wire pad W9
8 IMU_NRESET IMU reset, active low, output
9 IMU_READY also DIO2, by deafult set as IMU data ready, input
10 IMUPWR IMU 3.3VDC/5.0VDC power, output
11 IMUPWR IMU 3.3VDC/5.0VDC power, output
12 IMUPWR IMU 3.3VDC/5.0VDC power, output
13 GND IMU ground, output
14 GND IMU ground, output
15 GND IMU ground, output
16 --- not connected
17 --- not connected
18 --- not connected
19 --- not connected
20 XDAC connected to wire pad W10
21 XADC connected to wire pad W11
22 --- not connected
23 IMUPWR IMU 3.3VDC/5.0VDC power, output
24 --- not connected