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103891 adapter board routes external sync I/O from the 10389 interface board to the back panel 2.5mm barrel connector and provide 4-pic connector socket for 3.3V/5.0V fan. It is used in Elphel 393 series cameras

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Mechanical properties

  • Dimensions: 58 x 38 x 9 mm (all connectors installed)
  • Weight: 3.0 g
  • Mechanical drawings and CAD files for the 103891 board: link


3d (step)   2d (dxf)   2d (pdf)  

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Connector provides high-current (up to 0.5A) dc-coupled 5V output and optoisolated I/O. When optoisolated pair is used used as an input (common use), external signal is applied between XSYNC1 (+) and XSYNC2(-). When the pair is used as an output (less common), external 5V power source should be connected in series with the receiver and 103891, so that "+" will be applied to XSYNC2, and "-" - to XSYNC1 (opposite to the input mode). Details are available in the circuit diagram of the 10389 board.

Output synchronization can be just a pulse or carry additional timestamp data when used to synchronize multiple NC393 cameras. See Trigger_393 for the settings. Pin A is the tip, B - next, then C and D is the closest to the connector housing.

Connector pinout
Name Pin Cable wire color Description
XSYNC1 1 (D) black optoisolated, "+" input with respect to XSYNC2
SYNC_DRV 2 (A) red Sync output (DC-coupled), +5V pulses with respect to GND
GND 3 (B) white Output reference, connected to the camera system ground
XSYNC2 4 (C) green optoisolated, "-" input with respect to XSYNC1