353 firmware upgrade procedure

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Draft for "Help" page in section about reflashing of the camera; this is a text part in a table, where left column have icon picture for this application (application with the name "Net Flash")

This program for reflash of the camera. For this process you must have a usb flash drive with empty space ~100Mb. Before flash, please check you network - ask your network administrator (computer with started LiveDVD use ip, and camera in reflash process - ip, or just connect camera to computer directly over power supply. To start, please, download form SourceForge firmware (from section "download" at project http://sourceforge.net/projects/elphel/; package "elphel353", with version number not less than as archive with name like "image353-2.10-X.Y.Z.tar.gz", where a string "X.Y.Z" is version number of firmware, and copy it to desktop of LiveDVD, or on a flash drive. Connect a usb flash drive, click on icon for mount (or right click on icon and select "mount"), and after this - change mode of mount to "read/write" mode (right click of mouse on USB flash icon, select "Actions -> Change read/write mode", it's needed to prevent acidentally run of Net Flash script). Now we ready to start reflashing of camera. Drag-and-drop flash icon on top of the Net Flash. If you have more than one network interface, program ask you about where from his camera is connected - please, select this interface (if you not sure - remember choices, what you use, and try again with other interface). After this prepare camera for reflash - unplug network cable from camera, press and hold the green button, plug network cable and after ~2 seconds release the button. Press "Ok" for message of program "Press the button on the camera", and wait for results. Now, if camera fail to boot in this process (for example, if camera connected to other network interface, or because broken archive with firmware), program will exit by timeout in 120 seconds; and when camera fail to upgrade in next stage - program will exit by timeout 400s. If all ok, reflashing process get ~120 seconds. When this process is complete, you get message from program "All ok. You can safelly restart the camera by network cable".