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Elphel Network Cameras Manual

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The Elphel, Inc. was formed in 2001. The basic goals of the project are development and manufacturing of high speed reconfigurable network cameras. Members of the development team are from America, China, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland and the UK. The main principles of development - Free Software and Open Hardware.

More detailed information about Elphel, Inc. can be found at the official web-site www.elphel.com. You can also find the latest versions of all the necessary software for the Elphel network cameras on SourceForge.


Elphel, Inc.

1405 W. 2200 S., Suite 205

West Valley City, Utah 84119


email: info@elphel.com

Toll-free: (888) 3 ELPHEL

phone: (801) 783-5555

phone: (801) 252-7457

fax: (801) 812-8267

site: www.elphel.com

Free Software and Open Hardware. Elphel, Inc., 2005