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  • VLC
  • (Gstreamer) <- still experimental


Nightly Builds as well as a release history can be downloaded from sourceforge:


Setting Permissions and Running

Inside the folder you just downloaded, change the permissions of the ElphelVision.sh to enable execution.

Open a terminal and run


Starting ElphelVision

By default we provide startup scripts for Linux, Mac and Windows.

This is basically a file that runs:

java -jar -Xmx256m ElphelVision-dist.jar --debuglevel 3

It is recommended to run ElphelVision from the commandline and not through a GUI to get error messages, debug output, etc.

Startup Parameters


ElphelVision-dist.jar --debuglevel 3

The following arguments are available:


Displays the list of available startup parameters


This is useful for running the software without a camera. It will disable all network communication. That way the software just pretends do interact with a camera. For demo purposes or if you want to develop GUI elements without needing a camera.

--debuglevel N

Controls the amount of log and error messages you see in the console

Possible values for N:

0 - none

1 - only errors

2 - errors and warnings (default)

3 - everything