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Hi to all! In this page we will discuss the possibility of the use of the elphel 333 and the next model camera as a CINEMA CAMERA, to make , at a low cost what was impossible some time (year/month)ago. We are talking about a revolution? maybe, or maybe we are only dreamers! but it's cool to be a dreamer with a revolution in mind! :-) That idea started in the first part of 2006 and, in the mind of the reader of the pages of the dvinfo forum, and in March 26th 2006 01:46 AM, FS (I don't use the real name for privacy... FS if you want you can edit the page) started a new thread called High Definition with Elphel model 333 camera. About a year later this thread can cout more than 400 reply so for new reader it will be a big problem.

This page was born to try to solve that problem. Andrey say to us: "We need to organize data more like FAQ - thread is so big." so here we are

Please excuse not-so-good English, it's not my own language, so feel free to fix the errors if you see them.

--Matteo.pozzi 4 February 2007


info about elphel 333

heare are some important link to understand what we have already.

- model 333 general specification

- how the camera work aticle AJAX, LAMP, and liveDVD for a Linux-based camera

- all the software that you need to use the camera sourceforge.net

- some video and images from the camera on elphel.com, on tacx-video.com and a video by PS, the first image taken from FS with not all the best condition, and a low ligth 35mm adapter test from OS

- the link to the FPGA developer


Work In Progress