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Hi to all! In this page we will discuss the possibility of the use of the elphel 333 and the next model camera as a CINEMA CAMERA, to make , at a low cost what was impossible some time (year/month)ago. We are talking about a revolution? maybe, or maybe we are only dreamers! but it's cool to be a dreamer with a revolution in mind! :-) That idea started in the first part of 2006 and, in the mind of the reader of the pages of the dvinfo forum, and in March 26th 2006 01:46 AM, FS (I don't use the real name for privacy... FS if you want you can edit the page) started a new thread called High Definition with Elphel model 333 camera. About a year later this thread can cout more than 400 reply so for new reader it will be a big problem.

This page was born to try to solve that problem. Andrey say to us: "We need to organize data more like FAQ - thread is so big." so here we are

Please excuse not-so-good English, it's not my own language, so feel free to fix the errors if you see them.

--Matteo.pozzi 4 February 2007


info about elphel 333

heare are some important link to understand what we have already.

- model 333 general specification

- how the camera work aticle AJAX, LAMP, and liveDVD for a Linux-based camera

- all the software that you need to use the camera sourceforge.net

- some video and images from the camera on elphel.com, on tacx-video.com and a video by PS, the first image taken from FS with not all the best condition, and a low ligth 35mm adapter test from OS

- the link to the FPGA developer


Work In Progress


Graphic User Interface

For now we have a very good interface with the possibility of modify every single parameter thet you can imagine


but for converting the elphel in a cinema camera that freedom is more than enough. Olso there are some problems; the software and LiveCD give some difficulty infact you can't save the setting in an easy way so to prepare the laptop end the camera you have to spend between 10 to 20 minutes to setup all the command lines that had to be entered to optimize Linux for recording, and more command lines to record etc. ( for now see this page link)