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= 2005-10-23 =
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== GenReS plugin for Mozilla v 0.6 released ==
Added support for recording with mencoder. Video splits to files with specifed number of frames.
New feature will be used in HTML video surveillance system.
= 2005-10-20 =
ElphelWiki is now hosted at [http://www.siteground.com SiteGround]
= 2005-10-19 =
Wiki will be moved to the new location shortly
= 2005-10-15 =
== GenReS v0.5 Released ==
Bugfix release.
Several issues with tag parameters were fixed. The SRC tag parameter can now be used as an alias for HREF.
[http://sourceforge.net/projects/genres/ GenReS] plugin for Mozilla/Firefox used in our [[HTML Video Surveillance]].
= 2005-09-24 =
== Live.com was renamed ==
Ross Finlayson informs:
Live.com was renamed to [http://Live555.com Live555.com]
= 2005-09-23 =
== New Video Surveillance System is written on HTML ==
See [[HTML Video Surveillance]].
== Quick RTSP server ==
Added to old CVS repository
The rtsp server (qrtsp) is written in C and much quicker than old rtsp server which was a shell script.
With new server used with rtp streamers mplayer starts in less than one second.
Program will be added to new branches.
== GenReS v0.4.1 Released ==
[http://sourceforge.net/projects/genres/ GenReS] plugin for Mozilla/Firefox used in our [[HTML Video Surveillance]].
Fixed bug in the player watchdog.

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