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GPL v3

All the code developed at Elphel (software and FPGA code) is relicensed under GNU GPL Version 3 that better suits application of Free software to the hardware products.



Elphel, Inc. participated in LinuxWorld 2007 in San Francisco. The convention was great, we had interesting talks with people from Canonical (Ubuntu), developers from Gentoo, Eclipse foundation, FSF and some of our customers too. Visitors expressed big interest in using Elphel's cameras in security application. Others did understand the open nature of our project, so we expect in near future to have requests for development boards.



Testing of the Elphel model 353 camera performed by Communication Certification Laboratory (CCL) has found that it does meet FCC part 15 requirements for class A Verification. Tests were performed to measure radiated and conducted electromagnetic interference generated by the cameras when operated with specified settings.



Elphel, Inc. did participated in LinuxTag 2007 (May 30 - June 2, Berlin, Germany). We did meet and talk with Canonical (Ubuntu) about our project to make a derivative and some other big projects. Many of visitors was interested in industrial vision applications like postal services or quality control.