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Guide Notes

  • The following guide was written for (K)Ubuntu OS
  • The camera has a web-based interface so it should work in any OS (Firefox browser is recommended)


When the camera is properly connected to a PC the leds on the back will go solid yellow and blinking green.

1. Standard 802.3af PoE Injector

Fig.1 Camera connection using a standard PoE Injector

2 .Router/switch with PoE ports

File:Poe switch.jpg
Fig.2 Camera connection using a PoE Switch (just plug the camera directly to the switch)

3. 12V Power Module (ONLY FOR 12V CAMERAS)

Fig.3 Camera connection using a PoE Switch


The default camera IP address is*

Login: root

Password: pass

* Ensure that your PC or router/switch, the camera is connected to, has an IP address from the same subnetwork – that is 192.168.0.xxx.

Camera Index Page Menu *

* It is recommended to use the Firefox browser.

  • Main Applications menu items:
  • Camera Control Interface
  • Disk Recorder
  • Parameter Editor
  • Terminal
  • System Preferences
  • File Browser / Text Editor

Help Tips

Open the Camera Control Interface (camvc).

Fig.4 Help

Getting the first images


In the Camera Control Interface (camvc): "Shift+Click" on the button to save.

Fig.5 Acquire an image from the Camera Control Interface


Watch/record video stream over the network

There are several ways to watch/record video streams from the camera:

1. watch: camvc

First click on an icon with a "screen" (the 3rd one from the left) and then change the display mode to "a guy on a bicycle".

Fig. 6 Turn on Live Video Stream

2. watch: player GUI / command line

To watch the video stream with MPlayer or VLC open the rtsp:// You can use either a player GUI or a command line. Here is an example command from Linux terminal window:

mplayer  rtsp:// -vo x11 -zoom

3. record: command line

mencoder rtsp:// -ovc copy -fps <fps> -o filename.avi

<fps>        - approximate value of the frame frequency (this parameter is mandatory); 
filename.avi - the name of an output file

FTP access

Command line access

a) SSH

In the terminal window: ssh root@

b) Telnet

In the terminal window: telnet

c) Phpshell

Firefox address line:

Serial port (10369 board required)

Speed: 115200 8N1