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Elphel Camera Sandbox connection schema

This section describe some ideas on how to build a Sandbox of Elphel 3xx Network Reconfigurable Cameras.

Please feel free to contribute and discuss on the proposed architecture.

Needed hardware

To build our Sandbox we need:

  • a manageable POE switch
  • a server with at least one HD, Core2duo CPU suporting VT instructions, 4 GB RAM, 2 network cards, DVDROM
  • different combinations of Elphel 3xx cameras connected to the POE switch

The server

The server will be installed under some virtualisation solution. (the reason for CPU supporting VT) We can use Xen, Vmware, virtualbox, Bosh, KVM, ...

Virtualisation will allow us a flexible way to manage LiveDVD sessions .

The server will comport minimum 3 virtual servers:

Resident web server

In fact it's not only a web server. It's just a installed virtual server with a global interface and scripts to control the Sandbox.

The web interface should present those futures:

  • to reserve an access to sandbox of a camera or of a LiveDVD distribution or both.
  • control the firewall and open or close connections to cameras / virtual servers.
  • control the POE switch (power up/down cameras, why not some statistics from the switch, like traffic, POE consumption, ...)
  • soft (reflash.php) and hard ("pressed" button and power up/down)
  • store/restore users/developers configs from cameras / LiveDVD on the resident server.
  • reboot a LiveDVD session
  • bug report


What's why the computer need 2 network cards, one of the virtual servers will act as firewall. He will be connected to both Internet and the dedicated Sandbox network.

A part of the firewall rules will be controlled truth the global web interface to allow temporary connection to chosen cameras and Virtual servers.


Where can be one or more LiveDVD running modified versions of Knoppix or Ubuntu.

The LiveDVD session can be saved/restored/reseted truth the global web interface

Some HD space is temporary dedicated for compilation and recording tests.

Elphel Network Cameras

Different models or combinations of boards can be connected to the switch.

We can map on the switch different ports to different VLANs and map them to different LiveDVD sessions.

Hardware reflashing unit

This is just an idea.

Andrey, pls tell me if it's realistic and how to do it.

The idea is to connect a 10333 / 10353 + some custom board connected under the button to allow to simulate button pressure on one or several cameras truth network. Coupled with the POE control it's a perfect solution to reflash a camera what is not correctly booted or configured...