Eyesis4Pi 393 workflow

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Step Description Time, min Program Comment
1 Power on and boot - -
2 Network setup - - set pc ip address to, e.g.,
3 System tests - Web GUI Optional
4 Set up paths and shooting parameters - Web GUI Initial settings can take longer time of course
5 Start/Stop recording - Web GUI Output:
  • Images in JP4 format (a RAW format with a better quality than JPEG)
  • Binary log with the IMU, GPS and Internal Timestamp records.


Step Description Time, min Program Comment
1 Copy footage from SSDs to storage - python scripts
  • both, internal and external SSDs, are downloaded through SATA interface (up to 6Gbit/s)
  • data from internal SSDs is downloaded through eSATA cables coming out of the camera
  • external SSDs are swappable
  • Output: Binary log and SSD partition files (default size: 10GB)


Step Description Time, min Program Comment
1 Extract images - extract_images.php Extract individual image files from data files
2 Post-process - ImageJ Output: transformed according pixel map images ready for stitching and blending.

Procedures performed:

  • Applying pixel mapping information
  • Aberration correction
  • Distortion correction
  • Vignetting correction
  • Color correction
  • Denoising
  • Sharpening
3 Stitch and blend - Output: panoramas in equirectangular projection