Eyesis4Pi workflow

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The following page describes the Eyesis4Pi camera software and post-processing procedures.

WebGUI (recording)

Eyesis4Pi GUI (PHP+JavaScript+HTML) should be installed on the laptop.

Recording WebGUI, settings
Recording WebGUI, preview - test pattern


  • Images in a JP4 format(a RAW format with a better quality than *.jpeg).
  • Binary log with the IMU,GPS and Internal Timestamp records.


a) WebGUI part (PHP + JavaScript + HTML)

  • Copying images before processing.
  • Extracting GPS coordinates from images.
  • Stitching (after ImageJ).
  • Formatting/resizing the results.

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Footage procedures WebGUI

b) ImageJ part (Java)

  • Applying pixel mapping information
  • Distortion correction
  • Vignetting correction
  • Color correction
  • Denoising
  • Sharpening

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Eyesis corrections plugin interface