Eyesis User Guide

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Fig.1 Eyesis camera
Fig.2 Interfaces

Power 110V/220V AC

A custom cable is provided with a connector mating part on. Goes to a wall plug / a car power converter.

USB (for GPS receiver)

An external Garmin GPS 18x is provided. Connector's mating part is shipped - should be put on the receiver's end.

Ethernet (control)

The connector's mating part is shipped and should be put on a network cable that will go to a PC or laptop. Eyesis modules have default addresses: (master, gps connected, once online syncs the other 2 modules)


Fig.3 HDDs

Not hot-pluggable. If a HDD is reinserted or inserted when the power is on the corresponding module should be rebooted (please read about reboot options).

Power ON

Attach the HDDs and the GPS receiver then power ON. The boot process takes ~40-60 sec. After that the camera modules can be accessed through the network either all through the Eyesis GUI or individual camera Web UI.

Eyesis GUI

Should be pre-installed on the controlling laptop - these are HTML pages, PHP scripts and JavaScript files.

Module Web UI

The control laptop should have addess from the same subnetwork - 192.168.0.xxx - then Eyesis modules can be accessed: (master module, gps connection, once online syncs the other 2 modules)



Fig.1 Eyesis camera
Eyesis hdds.jpeg
Eyesis head bottom.jpeg
Eyesis pole cables.jpeg
Eyesis polebox.jpeg