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Eyesis GUI allows to:

  • change sensors' settings
  • change compression quality
  • start/stop recording
  • check images and monitor sub-units status information

Download & Install

Ubuntu Linux

Package name: elphel-eyesis-gui

Dependencies: apache2, php5

There is a prebuilt package for Ubuntu users at elphel-eyesis-gui PPA.

To install it, use the following commands, see help for more information.

 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:andersonnotgood/elphel
 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get install elphel-eyesis-gui

Other platforms

  • Unpack the archive (should get "jquery-ui-1.8.4.custom/")

User Guide

1. GUI page

2. Quick Start

Note: There is a program called camogm for recording running on all 3 sub-cameras. Once the GUI page is accessed or refreshed a launch request is issued - it can take some time (~20-30sec).

  • Set the IPs (correct ips are 192.168.0.xx1,192.168.0.xx2,192.168.0.xx3). Other parameters can be left default - access the GUI page. After camogms are started the "Camogm Status" will indicate that.
  • Check the images
1. Go to the Other tab - switch on the Color bars pattern.
2. Press Get Previews button (it is ok if the images are cut from the bottom - it's the browser problem - just press the button again)
3. turn off the color pattern mode.
  • Go to the Camera tab and press the Enable JP4 button.
  • Check camogm logs from time to time.

3. Tabs

  • Assign the correct IPs (currently works only in 192.168.0.x subnetwork + the correct IPs are 192.168.0.xx1,192.168.0.xx2, 192.168.0.xx3)
  • Set refresh interval (status requests period) (can be left default)
  • HDDs are mounted with RECORD and unmounted with STOP.
  • HDDs mount points are /var/0 - /var/7
  • Prefix should be set to /var/0/ - /var/7/ (slash at the end is important). If the partition is less than 250GB an auto incrementing prefix change will be made.
  • Split size, Split interval & Max frames - describe *.mov file. Whatever condition comes first it will result in a start of a new file.
  • By default the autoexposure mode is ON with a 1ms maximum exposure. To turn it off go to "Other Parameters" link & AUTOEXP_ON=0

4. Status

  • Normally during the recording the buffers are not filled more than a half when the camogm state is "running". For "stopped" & "starting" the buffers can be filled arbitrarily.
  • "Camogm last error code" = 5 - a frame wasn't written on the HDD in time. Although the recording will not be stopped - it is better to stop/start it.
  • Check logs from time to time.