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Ezynq project is started to create a bootloader for systems based on the Xilinx Zynq SoC without the inconvenience of the non-free tools and/or files. The goal is not just to "free" the code, but to provide users with the higher degree of flexibility in fine-tuning of the configuration parameters.

"Free" the code part

as of 2014/02/23...

Ezynq addresses the potential legal problems with distribution of a product/software based on Zynq platform:

as of 2016/01/13...

  • For a new board you still have to run an extra Xilinx program to generate ps7_init.c/h.

as of 2016/03/18...

  • u-boot-xlnx master-next branch is removed long ago - so the link above is broken

as of 2016/06/25...

  • ezynq depends on original u-boot instead of u-boot-xlnx

Supported boards

Board Chip Manufacturer Tested?
MicroZed Zynq 7Z010 Avnet Y
ZC706 Zynq 7Z045 Xilinx N
ZedBoard Zynq 7Z020 Digilent/Avnet N
10393 Zynq 7Z030 Elphel Y


  • boot.bin (SPL) - loads u-boot.img, no FSBL needed.
  • u-boot-dtb.img (u-boot image)

Boot: Copy them to SD card in order to boot from it.


For instructions please follow this guide.