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==Generate boot.bin==
* Edit ''initenv'' according to the built meta-toolchain
* Edit ''initenv'' according to the built meta-toolchain
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* The generated files are:
* The generated files are:
** '''boot.bin''' - the bootloader image
** '''boot_head.bin'''
** '''boot.bin''' - the SPL image
** '''u-boot.img''' - u-boot image (if '''boot.bin''' built with SPL support)
** '''u-boot.img''' - u-boot image (if '''boot.bin''' built with SPL support)
** '''u-boot.html''' - configuration settings overview
** '''u-boot.html''' - configuration settings overview

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Ezynq project is started to create a bootloader for systems based on the Xilinx Zynq SoC without the inconvenience of the non-free tools and/or files. The goal is not just to "free" the code, but to provide users with the higher degree of flexibility in fine-tuning of the configuration parameters.

Supported boards

Board Chip Manufacturer
MicroZed Zynq 7Z010 Avnet
ZC706 Zynq 7Z045 Xilinx
ZedBoard Zynq 7Z020 Digilent/Avnet
10393 Zynq 7Z030 Elphel


  • boot.bin (SPL) - loads u-boot.img, no FSBL needed.
  • u-boot.img (u-boot image)

Install meta-toolchain (Kubuntu 13.04)

sudo apt-get install texinfo chrpath
git clone -b dylan git://git.yoctoproject.org/poky
cd poky
. ./oe-init-build-env
bitbake meta-toolchain

  • Run installation script in build/tmp/deploy/

Install ezynq (Kubuntu 13.04)

git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/elphel/ezynq ezynq
cd ezynq


  • Edit initenv according to the built meta-toolchain

cd u-boot-xlnx
./makeuboot <target>

Supported <targets>:

./makeuboot zynq_microzed_config
./makeuboot zynq_zc706_config
./makeuboot elphel393_config
./makeuboot zynq_zed_config
  • The generated files are:
    • boot_head.bin
    • boot.bin - the SPL image
    • u-boot.img - u-boot image (if boot.bin built with SPL support)
    • u-boot.html - configuration settings overview
    • u-boot.map - the bootloader's memory map
    • u-boot - ELF file


  • Copy boot.bin & u-boot.img (if generated) to SD card. Boot from it.

Develop (add boards support)

  • Add a new board record to the list in the boards.cfg (or leave as is if the item already exists).
  • Create a configuration file for the new board - use include/configs/zynq_microzed.h as a reference
  • Edit (or create new for specific memory and chip) according to the board configuration the following files:

IMPORTANT: Only 192KB of zynq's series on-chip memory are available at boot. It is the maximal size of u-boot.bin (not the final boot.bin) - the python script will throw just a warning.

Known issues

  • [FIXED] (in Linux) USB does not work yet.
  • [FIXED] (in Linux) Ethernet is not tested (on the board we have it does not work with provided images, so we suspect a hardware problem. If no network:

ifconfig eth0 down
ifconfig eth0 up

  • Bitstream loading is not tested, current code does not enable level shifters - it may be more appropriate to do just before loading of the bitstream.
  • Write level training for DDR memory doesn't work in MicroZed and ZC706