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( Application areas )
( Application areas )
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** exploration
** exploration
** observation of wildlife
** observation of wildlife
** [[SCINI:_Submersible_Capable_of_under_Ice_Navigation_and_Imaging|underwater imaging]]
* medical imagery
* medical imagery
* timelapse video (Including HDR support)
* timelapse video (Including HDR support)
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* street imagery
* street imagery
* education (Verilog, Image processing, Networking)
* education (Verilog, Image processing, Networking)
* [[SCINI:_Submersible_Capable_of_under_Ice_Navigation_and_Imaging|underwater imaging]]
* 3D reconstruction
* 3D reconstruction
* 2D/3D laser scanning
* 2D/3D laser scanning
* barcode reading
* barcode reading
* sport ([[Photo-finish]])
* sport ([[Photo-finish]])

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The Elphel cameras are highly customizable Network cameras.

Turnkey and OEM models exist, both are totally customizable for the customer's task.

Key features

  • High resolution sensors support
  • High speed compression: 80 MPix/s
  • There is many modes of shooting: JPEG, MJPEG, JP4, Motion JP4, HDR modes
  • There is many interfaces: Compact Flash, SATA, Ethernet 10/100, USB, RS-232;
  • User friendly scripting on the camera (PHP5, well defined and Open API, examples)
  • Totally Free Software: all firmware sources both for GNU/Linux and FPGA are distributed under GNU/GPL v3 license. The SDK is composed of FOSS components (not include ISE Webpack for FPGA development, but this software is freely downloadable)
  •  Full hardware documentation is also available under GNU/FDL v1.2 license.


  • POE 802.3af
  • or optionally a 9-36v POE (not 802.3af complaint)
  • or single 3.3V source

Interesting possibilities

  • synchronized shooting (multiple sensors, multiple cameras, external trigger)
  • Hooking up to 3 sensors to one camera
  • Standard GNU/Linux distribution offer the possibility to port existing software and kernel drivers for support more external devices (USB gadgets, converters, ...)
    • GPS and compass integration
    • RFID intergation
  • Focus helper
  • Data insertion into EXIF header (GPS, compass, INS, other telemetry, ..)
  • Parametres of shooting changing on the fly without loss of speed of shooting
  • Robust and reliable on the networks firmware upgrade (reflashing)
  • Remote/local digital temperature sensor
  • On-board clock/calendar
  • Fan connector
  • AUX connector

 Application areas 

  • scientific imagery and video applications
  •  medical imagery
  • timelapse video (Including HDR support)
  • geotagging applications
  • aerial imagery and video applications
  • digital cinematography
  • HD video
  • machine vision
  • security
  • document scanning
  • street imagery
  • education (Verilog, Image processing, Networking)
  • 3D reconstruction
  • 2D/3D laser scanning
  • barcode reading
  • sport (Photo-finish)