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GNU/GLP Agreement

I, ________person/company__________, have read the full text of the GNU GPL License and agree to abide by the stipulations as stated. Covered materials are not in the public domain and are protected by the copyright law of most countries. GPL itself describes what is required for compliance. For the purpose of this agreement Elphel will be "Company" __________________ will be noted as "Customer" and below are specifics for Elphel products.

Elphel agrees to discount price of Elphel Camera, Model NC353L, for those who plan to develop software code that will run in Elphel cameras or with them (on a client computer) and the code will be released under GNU/GPL or compatible license. Even modified software in the cameras will have to run with GNU/Linux as it is the only software provided for the Axis CPU by the manufacturer.

As your device will run GNU/Linux you will need to provide the source code of at least that part of the software on the terms described in the license. Same applies to all of the software that you preserved in the cameras "as is" or modified from the Elphel firmware or any third party software that you obtained with the GNU GPL license.

You will also have to provide the source code of the FPGA - original developed by Elphel or possibly your amended version if you used any part of the original one. Forgive us for being suspicious if you claim that you completely rewrote the code and haven't used a single line of the one you received with the camera from Elphel - FPGA code of our products make a significant part of the value of the cameras and while it is easier to replace it than the GNU/Linux part of the firmware - we believe it is still far from an easy task.

We are proud of our designs and care that all users of our hardware receive the freedoms guaranteed by the GNU GPL and would like to help you to ensure license compliance and help to fix the problems if they would come out.

All of the Elphel products come with /* source inside */ logo and have the source code of all the firmware and the FPGA code sufficient to rebuild all the code and run it in the cameras. The only exception - sources of the Linux kernel and original Axis software (freely available on the Internet) that are too big to fit in the camera flash memory. We may help you to modify the script that will include your additions/modifications so you could provide the source code in the way we do ourselves.

Accepted by Customer: Approved by Elphel:
Name Name
Signature Signature
Company Elphel, Inc.
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Date Date