Live-CD remastering

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Knoppix Live-CD remastering

At present time this software is a beta-testing version.


This software for CD remastering is include a lot of DEB-packages (elphel-specific and dependenced), files and scripts. All software is compressed to the .tar.bz2 archive (size approx. 52 Mb).

System Requirements

You must have:

1. at least 1 GB of FREE RAM+Swap total (e.g. 256M ram, and 750M swap AVAILABLE) (unless you use a different compression program - look in this page for compressloop)

2. 3 GB free on a Linux filesystem (ext2/3, xfs, etc.) formatted disk partition

3. Knoppix 4.0.2-2005-09-23 EN


1. Download the LiveCD-1.4.3.tar.bz2 archive (placed at the Xeon computer in the /home/elphel/Ilya/Live-CD_remastering directory)

2. Boot from the Knoppix CD

3. Unpack archive to the /home/knoppix directory

4. Open a root shell:

Menu: Kmenu->Knoppix->Root Shell

5. Type the following two commands:

cd /home/knoppix/LiveCD-1.4.3


6. The remastering script will be started. You must specify the work partition (for example hda1). This partition will be used for remastering Knoppix.

<red>NOTE:</red> This partition MUST be unmounted!

7. Follow printed instructions

8. The ELPHIX-1.4.3.ISO image will be placed at the work partition

9. Use the special software (for example, K3B) for writing image to CD