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The Live CD based on Knoppix which is based on Debian.


The Live CD contain multipurpose GNU/Linux software and a special software for elphel cameras. The software is organized as debian packages. Our debian packages are presented on our SourcreForge page in the Live-CD and Players sections.

Root file system of Knoppix is compressed and cloop kernel module is needed to decompress it on-fly when it is necessary. The CD contains comressed root file system, boot loader and flash tarballs for different modeles of our cameras.

If you already have installed Debian or Knoppix system, you can add some our debs to work with our cameras.

    We recommend to install following packages from our SourceForge page:
  • elphel-pack It has utilites to configure network specially for cameras (for rtp stream receiving), search cameras in the LAN, update flash and helper for Mozilla/Firefox to work with .sdp files.
  • netcardconfig-knoppix elphel clone to configure network card and to make a simple bridge from several cards.
  • patched MPlayer to watch and to record rtp stream from our cameras.

To install selected package(s) you may use the following command:

# dpkg -i --force-overwrite <deb-file-name>


Boot and use

Special software


Run "netcamconfig" as user "root" to apply additional network settings. netcardconfig is an improved version of knoppix network configurator (optional), run it before netcamconfig. flashit MPlayer to watch and to record rtp stream from our cameras.

Work with packages

How to Make New CD Image