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The default bitstream is loaded from OS not from u-boot.


  • Different banks have different (software controlled and regulated) voltages and they need to be set up before loading.
    • voltages are set by the software through i2c

Bitstreams paths

  • Location on target system: /usr/local/verilog/
name project description
x393_parallel.bit x393 for 5MPix sensor with parallel interface + SATA
x393_hispi.bit x393 for 14MPix sensor with serial interface + SATA
x393_sata.bit x393_sata SATA only
x359.bit x359 for external MUX 3-to-1 board


  • detect_sensors driver reads the device tree to get the default system configuration which gets later updated by autocampars application
  • /etc/init.d/init_elphel393
$CONFDIR/init_elphel393.py "{\"usb_hub\":1, \"ip\":1,\"imgsrv\":1, \"autoexp_daemon\":1, \"autocampars\":1, \"sata\":1, \"gps\":1, \"eyesis\":0 }"
    • in this line the extra init procedures are listed, to disable/skip certain procedure set 0, to enable - set 1
    • everything is done in /etc/elphel393/init_elphel393.py which runs other scripts.
    • the bitstream is loaded by autocampars or sata (if autocampars is skipped)


  • project: elphel-apps-autocampars
  • top script: autocampars.php
    • Location on target system: /usr/bin/
    • loads /usr/local/verilog/x359.bit to the external MUX board
    • depending on configuration (determined in init_elphel393.py) calls /usr/bin/autocampars.py with arguments listed in the files in /usr/local/verilog. The default one is /usr/local/verilog/hargs:
-f /usr/local/verilog/system_defines.vh
-f /usr/local/verilog/x393_parameters.vh   /usr/local/verilog/x393_cur_params_target.vh /usr/local/verilog/x393_localparams.vh
-l /usr/local/verilog/x393_cur_params_target.vh
-p PICKLE="/usr/local/verilog/x393_mcntrl.pickle
-c bitstream_set_path /usr/local/verilog/x393_parallel.bit
-c setupSensorsPower  "PAR12"  all  0  0.1
-c measure_all "*DI"
-c setSensorClock 24.0 "2V5_LVDS"
-c set_rtc

The file with arguments can be found in the fpga projects, example:


Location on target system: /usr/local/verilog/


  • project x393_sata
  • Location on target system: /usr/local/verilog/
  • /usr/local/bin/x393sata.py loads it default bitstream if fpga has not been programmed yet.