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**[[Elphel_camera_parts_0393|Mechanical parts]]
**[[Elphel_camera_parts_0393|Mechanical parts]]
*[[Elphel_camera_assemblies|View 3D models]]
*[[Elphel_camera_assemblies|View camera models in 3D]]
<!--|'''[[Previous Models]]'''<br> old products-->
<!--|'''[[Previous Models]]'''<br> old products-->

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Welcome to Elphel Wiki

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Current generation: 10393

Previous generation: 10353


Software List (353)
of software running on the camera
Client Software List (353)
of software running on client (viewer) computer

User Documentation (353)

Quick Start Guide
for 353 Series Cameras
User Documentation
Guides and Articles
Usage Tutorials
for general camera users
Frequently Asked Questions about the License
Questions and Answers
Ask and get answers about anything Elphel related
Camera Troubleshooting Guide
for 353 Series Cameras Setup

Development (353)

User Projects (353)
using Elphel Cameras
for Developers
Image & Video Examples
created using Elphel hardware
Elphel Software Kit for Ubuntu Hacking the hardware
Hacking and debugging Elphel's hardware
Development Topics
General Topic collection of camera development related stuff

Hardware (metal/3D-printed parts)


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