Netboot firmware upgrade

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  • These instructions are for Elphel 353 series cameras
  • This method is only recommended if the camera internal firmware is not fully operational (eg. network communication is not working)
  • If the camera firmware is > it might be more convenient to use the camera's firmware upgrade web interface (in the System Preferences)



set up nfs & build the firmware: instructions (follow 4.2-4.3, you may also need some packages from 3.1.1)

step 1

In a terminal window

cd elphel353/
sudo su
. ./init_env
./netboot -mac 000E64000000 -ip -nfs -cmd update -d eth0 -nfs_dir /nfs/images/

netboot parameters & options:

  • [-d ethX] - network interface to camera, by default, eth0
  • mac=000E64000000 - MAC address for camera; if SERNO in camera boot block not present, this MAC address will be written in bootblock
  • - temporary ip for the camera (by default,
  • nfs= - NFS server, where the firmware is placed.
  • nfs_dir - /nfs/images/ - path to the firmware files (at the moment it duplicates -nfs)
  • cmd=boot|update

The script will output:

Using internal boot loader: INTERNAL_NW - Network boot (default).
Using internal boot loader: INTERNAL2 - Level2 boot.
Starting boot...

step 2

Manually put the camera into the netboot mode (plug/unplug the cable 3-4 times - both camera leds will start blinking) - the script will go further and will finish with something like:


Exiting with code 0 (this indicates that the reflashing process has started)

step 3

wait for 2 minutes, reboot & access the camera at its default ip address

When the camera started from netboot, it boot, mount NFS share and write the firmware to the flash.

If the firmware was flashed successfully you should see a log file in /nfs/logs finishing with "done".

Only after this you can unplug the Ethernet cable for few seconds and reconnect the camera.