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This article for real funs, geeks and aesthetes. --Kimstik 17:19, 26 November 2008 (CST)

Accoustic imaging (BatCam)

Instead of the sensor we can put a matrix of microphones.
As a result of processing it is possible to receive the map in a sound spectrum (like bats!!!).
It is in addition possible to paint a picture in conditional colours. Red - high frequencies, green - averages, dark blue - low.

For what it is necessary:

  • The reason of faults in mechanisms retrieval (a knock/scratch/peep source) pics
  • Searching flow of gas leakage
  • The directional sound filtering and tracking
  • Moving under darkness/fog/smoke
  • Operation under muddy water. more

Software defined radio (SDR)

Instead of the image sensor we can put RF frontend.
Onboard Spartan has enough resources to carry on simultaneous reception of several FM/DRM/DAB radio channels their compression and broadcast on to a network.

link: GNU Radio

Laser imager (with MEMS micromirrors)

MEMS mirror can deviate on the big corners (+-15deg) with a high-rate (to 2kHz).
Accepting the mirrored signal from a mobile mirror it is possible to receive similarity of CMOS sensor.

Advantages over CMOS:

  • Infinite depth of sharpness (because the optics is absent)
  • Incredible huge spectral band (it is defined by type of a photodetector and coating of a mirror)
  • Possibility to carry on scanning in any direction (it is similar on CMOS ROI)



Mobile fileserver with PoE power injector

CVBS/S-Video/RGB/YPbPr/VGA/HDMI network rtp/mjpeg capturer (VideoCam)

Capture CVBS/S-Video/RGB/YPbPr/VGA/HDMI video, compress it, and then share via Ethernet network.

Multicannel video compressor (SurCam)

Capture simultaneously many CVBS video, syncronize, compress it into one matrix view stream, and then share via Ethernet network.

CVBS/S-Video/RGB/YPbPr/VGA/HDMI network rtp/mjpeg imager (AntiCam)

Receive MJPEG/Theora stream from Ethernet network, decompress it and play as CVBS/S-Video/RGB/YPbPr/VGA/HDMI video.

Hi speed cam (FastCam)

  • time limited series buffering
  • parallel encoding by multiple boards