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Single image

You can use imgsrv to download a single image from the circbuf. MJPEG live stream is also available from imgsrv.

You can use wget to download the image to your computer or implement a small HTTP client in your software.

Live video

Using AVLD

AVLD stand for AVLD - Another Video Loopback Device. It's a very CPU and RAM consuming way to present an Elphel network camera as V4l device.

While it is the only solution with proprietary v4l compatible software products (such as skype), it's a total waste of resources for a free software app what can be adapted to receive an RTP stream.

Using OpenCV with FFMPEG

Using OpenCV with GStreamer

Design your OpenCV code as GStreamer plugin



Tennis balls recognizing

OpenCV Tennis balls recognizing tutorial

Go game record (kifu) generator