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==Focus helper==
==Focus helper==
[[Focus helper|Focus helper]]: []
[[Focus helper|Focus helper]]: []
Controls page: []

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This page list several PHP examples demonstrating Elphel camera capabilities.

All this examples are accessible on the camera's web server in the root directory, if you have not changed the default address.

If you would like to modify those scripts or create your own, you can find some advices on how to use PHP in the camera page.

We recommend the use of KDevelop if you are not a VI/Emacs guru.

Set sensor parameters and get an image


parsedit.php is designed to provide access to the camera acquisition related parameters through the web browser. It is easy to create customized parameter view/edit form with specially configured URL.

Configure the sensor and get a JPEG/JP4 image

camera_demo.php - This script is an example of how to reset / set sensor parameters and access download an image from the camera, this script can be accessed by a browser or automated with wget / curl running on the camera or on a remote PC.

Get full sensor size snapshot while streaming a ROI

snapfull.php - This script get a full sensor size snapshot while the camera is streaming a ROI.

Adjust white balance

whitebalance.php - Demo script to automatically adjust white balance.

Get RAW image

raw.php - Run the compressor, acquire single frame and download an image.raw file.

GEO tagging

KML demo

kml.php - Example of KML live generation on the geotagged model of NC353L. Open this URL in Google Earth and you will see your position updated.



PHP Shell:

Focus helper

Focus helper:

Controls page: