Poky migration from rocko to warrior

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Note 1

  • /dev/xdevfg got obsolete - there's fpga manager instead which cannot load *.bit (only *.bin or *.bit.bin)
  • Solution:
Brought back the old driver (drivers/char/xilinx_devcfg.c)- it works

Note 2

  • php 5.6.40 - EOL and won't build - mysql supposedly moved header files.
  • Solution:
Disabled mysql extension:
To meta-elphel393/recipes-devtools/php/php_5.6.%.bbappend:
    PACKAGECONFIG[mysql] = "--without-mysql --without-mysqli --without-pdo-mysql"
    CFLAGS += " -ldl"

Note 3

  • New package rng-tools is whining: Failed to init entropy source hwrng
  • Solution:
Leave as is for now. The full log is:
Initalizing available sources
Failed to init entropy source hwrng
Enabling JITTER rng support
Initalizing entropy source jitter
  • Comments:
    • Haven't found if Xilinx uses any driver for /dev/hwrng
    • TODO: Find out if the order or entropy sources can be changed