Public Primary School Rosa Boekdrukker

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The School

The public primary school Rosa Boekdrukker in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) is probably the only primary school in the Netherlands that develops OSS/GPL educational software. Please see links below.

Our school can take part in a broadband fiber school network experiment that is being carried out in Amsterdam. In the coming years all schools in Amsterdam will have fiber broadband connections to the Internet.

Why Elphel?

We try to do as much as possible with Open Source because we think that's what education is about: sharing knowledge. In that sense we became interested in the Elphel camera. It's OSS/GPL, even the hardware! And it gives high resolution output.

Ideas (content)

| We have several ideas on the usage of cameras and sound over fiber broadband which we want to investigate. Among them are: giving parents access to classrooms over Internet, online classroom access for children ill at home, public lessons over the Internet, using the school unstaffed by others, children creating podcasts as project research documentation, to name a few.

| | We have the necessary background to setup and carry out | such projects and report about them. See: | | Dirk Schouten is one of our volunteers and will help us | with the practical matters. | | Our question is: would Elphel be interested in taking | part in the experiments by helping the school to a | camera? Ofcourse we will mention you whereever we can and | write about our experiments in English and Dutch. | | Thank you for your attention, we hope you will help us. | With kind regards, | | Karin Abma | ICT coördinator | | -- | Dpt. ICT of the Public Primary School 'Rosa Boekdrukker' | Vancouverstraat 3 - 5 | 1056 DT Amsterdam | tel: + 31 20 612 80 00 | | | | Our OSS/GPL projects for elementary schools: | - ServerAtSchool: a complete client-server system | | - Site@School: website content management system (CMS) | | - Our association 'Schools Together Rich with ICT' (STRICT) | |