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I (Andrey Filippov) quit my job and started Elphel, Inc. in 2001 (Magna, UT USA), all the projects were covered in LinuxDevices (complete lists on the articles is available here. For several years Elphel was a one-man company, in January 2004 I wrote an article Taming of the Iron Penguin (Russian) in the largest Russain computer-related magazine Computerra and announced there a competition among the software developers for the best video steramer to run in the camera. That was a good idea and after the competition itself was over most of the developers remained in the Elphel team. At first - as volunteers, later - as full/part time employees.

Not all of these developers live in Russia - two, including the winner of the competition are from Kiev, Ukraine. But still all of them know Russian much better than English and so most of our technical discussions were on our private Russian-language forum. So far I failed to move these discussions to the broader audience but believe that Wiki technology can help. Here we will mantain most of the site in English but still have some pages/discussions in Russian, translating documents as we go. Or when somebody else needs it and is not satisfied with [1] automatic translation. We will try to keep English pages current - anyway even in Elphel not everybody knows Russian.

Please excuse not-so-googd English of our developers and feel free to fix the errors if you see them.