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== Regarding the use of the Panavision Dynamax35 ==
When Panavision was informed of the project and our desire to use the Dynamax35 sensor they told us: "Our sensor is under the restrictions . So we cannot provide the products to any movie camera makers." Therefore, it is unlikely that we would be able to use this sensor. This is just speculation but if Elphel or another separate party, whom does not manufacture movie cameras, was to buy the sensors and offer cameras with the Dynamax35 sensor (or offer an interchangeable Dynamax35 sensor front-end for an existing camera) it is possible we could get around this limitation.
== Hi speed sensors ==
== Hi speed sensors ==

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Useful CCD sensors

Sensor Size Max framerate (frames/sec) Diagonal (mm) Pixel size (µm) CCD Type Manufacturer Price Target Date Remark
ICX454 2M (1648x1240) 8.5 6.72 (type 1/2.8) 3.275 Interline Sony Low cost
ICX625 5M (2456x2058) 15 11.016 (type 2/3) 3.45 Interline Sony
ICX655 5M (2456x2058) 7.5 11.016 (type 2/3) 3.45 Interline Sony The single tap version of the ICX625
KAI-2093 2.1M (1920x1080) 30 16.3 7.4 Interline Kodak $700 ($250 sample) Full HD video
KAF-50100 51.6M (8304x6220) 1.0 61.3 6.0 Full frame Kodak Still image 4 channel output
KAI-02150 2/3 (used by Ikonoskop A-cam DII Kodak $325 ($125 sample)
P4562-3T 2M (2112x1188) 72 2/3 2/3 (used by SI 2K) Altasens Specific for HD cinema (as Altasens says)
RJ21V3BA0ET 8.29M (3320x2496) 5 (type 1/1.8) 2.2 Sharp 2005
RJ23V3BA0BT 8.29M (3320x2496) (type 1/2.5) 1.74 Sharp $33 2007
RJ21Y3BA0ET 12M (4032x3024) (type 1/1.7) 1.88 Sharp $64 2006
RJ23Y3BA0LT 12M (4040х3032 eff) (type 1/2.3) 1.55 Interline Sharp $40 03.2009 hmm, too similar
FTF4027C 11 MP (4008x2672) 7.2 36.1 mm x 24 mm 9.0 Full frame Dalsa
Dynamax35 37 MP 30 @ full res 36.1 mm x 24 mm Panavision 1000-6000$ Q3-4 2009 CMOS (NOTE: Panavision will not supply these sensors directly to the project, see below)
FTF3020C 6M (3072x2048) 20 (full res, 4 outputs) 36 mm x 24 mm 12 Full frame Dalsa 700-4000 EUR Still imaging Should be the first 35mm CCD, with reduced area a 5MP @ 24fps video is possible (but needs mechanical shutter)

Hi speed sensors

Only short time series possible. Or stream with aggressive data cropping.

Sensor Size Max frameate (frames/sec) Diagonal (mm) Pixel size (µm) Readout Manufacturer Price Target Date Remark
LUPA-1300-2 1.3M (1280x1024) 500 14 Cypress [$1,884.86 !!FIXME!!] 12x10bit LVDS output, Global shutter
MT9M413 1.3M (1280x1024) 500 19.67 12 CMOS Micron [$1224.27] 10x10bit output, TrueSNAP electronic shutter
IMX017CQE 6.35M (2916x2178) 60 9.1 (type 1/1.8) 2.5 CMOS Sony \infin 12LVDS x 216MHz DDR output

Useful CCD support chips

  • Powering (+15 & -8)
AAT3408 charge pump (Analogic)
LT3487 (Linear Tech)
  • V drivers
CXD3400 (Sony)
? (TI)
? (NEC)
LR366851 (Sharp)
LR36687U/Y (Sharp)
LR36689U (Sharp)
KS7221D (Samsung)
  • H driver
74AC04 (Farchild)
  • ADC
AD9978 (Analog Devices)
AD9845 (Analog Devices)
  • Glue (LVDS2CMOS, support logic, etc)
spartan3e100 (Xilinx)


New "scientific cmos" explained here :