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Software Architecture of Elphel 3x3 cameras

Software in the Elphel cameras started from Axis Developer Boards Software and was amended for the camera specific functions. It was modified to work with newer hardware (models 303-313/323-333), support more features and now it seems to be a good time to make a major redesign instead of applying incremental changes.

Some discussion already started in Russian here - Nc3x3

Related to the architecture are the #Camera Interface and the #Client Software

Camera Interface

Client Software

Video Server

PC-based video server that will archive incoming Ogg Theora incoming streams from several cameras and transcode them on the fly to lower resolution (binary decimation, windowing) and frame rate (i.e. using only key frames) presenting multiple streams (real time and recorded) to the operator. The external interface of the server might be one of the industry standard and compatible with 3-rd party legacy software.

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