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The most important with recorder - avoid frame drops (maybe something can be doen with network buffering) and control them using timestamps. And the recorder better provide managable files (under 2GB), but with zero drops between them.

See also previous talks about timestamps and recorder.

  1. We must try to make ogg-mjpeg file and test is it compatible with existent applications.
  2. It is better to use own optimized rtp receiver
  3. It must be small standalone application without GUI. Use only stdin/stdout and files for output.
  4. It should have simple control interface with text format as mplayer in slave mode. One command on line. Command are:
    1. pause
    2. quit
  5. Command line arguments:
    1. multicast ip-adress
    2. multicast port
    3. [maximum number of frames]
    4. frames, time or length limits for file
    5. output to stdout
    6. template for file names (see GenReS for compatibility)

At prealpha version can be skipped control interface, cutting and templates for filenames.