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Elphel’s Camera is An Open System.
Elphel’s Camera is An Open System.
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High Performance Ethernet Camera Based on FOSS By Larry Liang from Elphel

++++++++++++++ Content of Presentation Introduction of Elphel’s Project. Why Elphel’s Camera? The Architecture of Elphel’s Camera RoadMap of Elphel’s Camera. Elphel’s Camera is An Open System.

+++++++++++++++++ Introduction of Elphel’s Project.(1) Elphel’s project focus on development of following: Hardware of high performance Ethernet camera, including electronic,mechanical and optical design. In-Camera Software Design, including video compressor, streamer … In-PC software design Advising on system based on Elphel’s camera


Introduction of Elphel’s Project.(2) Policy of Elphel’s Project All of software in Elphel’s camera based on FOSS. Software in Elphel’s camera is FOSS. Not only Software but also hardware is opening. ++++++++++++++++

Introduction of Elphel’s Project.(3) Where to find US? http://www.sourceforge.org/projects/elphel.

+++++++++++++++ Why Elphel’s Camera? Feature of Elphel’s camera. High Resolution High Frame Rate Better Image Quality Easy for modification Royalty free dynamic compressor (Theora Ogg) Lower cost +++++++++++++++

Why Elphel’s Camera? Now,Elphel can provide camera with a resolution of 3Mega pixel. Higher Resolution means: More detail in the same view field. Larger view field in the same detail +++++++++++++++

Why Elphel’s Camera? Now,Elphel can provide camera with a frame of 30FPS@1280*1024. Higher frame rate means: The video looks smoother Lower possibility to miss the key frame. Why Elphel’s Camera? Better Image Quality,Although a CMOS sensor is used , the noise level and sensitivity of Elphel’s camera still can be described as excellent, and thanks to a sophisticated color processing algorithm, the camera can reproduce the color accurately. ++++++++++++++

Why Elphel’s Camera? Easy for modification, With total knowledge of Elphel’s hardware and software, architecture and source code, customer can modify the camera easily. Why Elphel’s Camera? Royalty free dynamic compressor (Theora Ogg), You don’t need pay any money for coding and decoding process.

++++++++++++++++++ Why Elphel’s Camera? Lower cost, compared with other method of high performance imaging system.

++++++++++++++++ Architecture of Elphel’s Camera +++++++++++++ Architecture of Elphel’s Camera

Image of camera +++++++++++ RoadMap of Elphel’s Camera. ++++++++++ Elphel’s Camera is An Open System.