Tensorflow JNI development

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Based on this.

And this one - tensorflow/java/README.md.

How to:

  • Install things
  • Build libtensorflow.jar, libtensorflow_jni.so
  • Install pom.xml and libtensorflow.jar to local maven repo in ~/.m2
  • Modify Tensorflow JNI functions
  • Create a maven project and use modified JNI


  • In Kubuntu
  • Get TF 1.15.0 - git or archive
  • Install bazel 0.25.2 - see *.deb in releases


cd ~/git/tensorflow-1.15.0
bazel build -c opt //tensorflow/java:tensorflow //tensorflow/java:libtensorflow_jni
bazel build -c opt //tensorflow/java:pom
mvn install:install-file -Dfile=bazel-bin/tensorflow/java/libtensorflow.jar -DpomFile=bazel-bin/tensorflow/java/pom.xml

Artifacts of interest in bazel-bin/tensorflow/java/:

  • xml and jar are taken care of.
  • so will have to be in the library path - set LD_LIBRARY_PATH or PATH or go "java -Djava.library.path"

Modify TF JNI

For example, one wants to create a new function in org.tensorflow.TensorFlow package. Then, see:

  • add native method to tensorflow/java/src/main/java/org/tensorflow/TensorFlow.java
  • add to header file tensorflow/java/src/main/native/tensorflow_jni.h
  • add to c file tensorflow/java/src/main/native/tensorflow_jni.cc
  • rebuild and reinstall to mvn

Java maven project in Eclipse

  • Create a new maven project
  • Edit pom.xml: