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Output of used_files.py without arguments

 This program creates a list of the source files (such as C headers) used to build the project
for Eclipse CDT plugin. It only needs to be run for the new projects, the existing ones already
have .cproject file distributed in each subproject repository (in 'eclipse_project_setup' sub-
directory of the root sub-project directory). This sub-directory content is copyied to the sub-
project root by setup.py when it is first run. You may delete .project file (while Eclipse is closed)
and re-run setup.py (in elphel393 directory) restore default project settings if they get corrupted.
  The program does not rely on exact duplicating of the environment used by bitbake, instead it
"spies" on the bitbake by noticing which files it accesses during build (using file modification and
access timestamps) and creates list of exclusions. As the access time is recorded only after the first
access after modification, the program first unpacks/touches the sources.
The extra_source directory is the specified in the command line directory (in addition to hard-coded
'src') with sub-tree of the source files (headers) to be filtered.
Here is the full sequence (target is the project name extracted from .cproject):
1. bitbake target-c cleansstate
2. bitbake target-c unpack -f
3. bitbake target-c configure -f
4. Scan all files under extra_source directory, find last modification stamp
5. bitbake target-c compile -f
6. bitbake target-c install -f # in the case of Linux kernel in triggers compilation of the kernel
7. Scan source files, create list of the used files and then list of excluded files (Eclipse CDT allows
to specify directory and exclusion filter)
8. Add (or replace) the record in .cproject file that specifies source directory and the filter

You need to run indexing  (right-click on the project in the Navigator panel -> Index -> rebuild
when the workspace is opened with the modified .cproject file.
Do not run this program when Eclipse IDE is opened that includes the current project!
The program should be launched from the project root directory, e.g. for applications:
   ./scripts/used_files.py sysroots
Program can either overwrite the current .cproject configuration file or create a new modified version
if specified in teh command line argument. In that case program runs in debug mode and generates lists
of files in the project root directory:== Output of used_files.py withou arguments ==
   all_sources.lst - all scanned source file with last access timestamps
   including.lst - list of the files (relative to specified extra_source directory) used by bitbake
   excluding.lst - list of the unused files (they will appear crossed in the Project Navigator)
  ./used_files.py extra_source [path-to-modified-cproject]
  First (mandatory) argument of this program (extra_source) is the relative path additional source/header
  files. For Linux kernel development it is 'linux', for php extension - 'php, for applications - 'sysroots'
  (symlink to header files)
  Second (optional) argument (path-to-modified-cproject) is the relative to project root file to write
  modified .cproject content. If specified it forces program to run in debug mode and generate 3 file lists.