Wish list 1.4.2

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  • make it a Live DVD, not a CD. CD version is desirable too, but priority is lower
  • include video recorder to OGG files
  • include OGG -> MOV converter

wish list for the next 353 model to come:

  • more oriented to the cinecamera DIY
  • 1920x1080p resolution at 24fps and up if possible
  • a microphone jack to include audio in the theora files
  • about the recorder software if possible a Graphic interface that is easy to use with a touch screen lcd display at about 7" (I have some ideas about that)
  • a page on this wiki where everyone can sharing his preset and a thumbnail to view the result and a loader for these on the recorder software
  • make a live DVD dedicated to the cinema side of the camera (cinelerra...)
  • implement in the recording program a control of a electric motor attached to the camera lens so that it make possible autofocus (something like some astronomy program eg.