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(External data sensors support)
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*'''DONE''' RFID
*'''DONE''' RFID
*Environment sensors: Temperature/Humidity/Pressure/Illuminance/Loudness/..
*Environment sensors: Temperature/Humidity/Pressure/Illuminance/Loudness/.. [http://www.catnip.co.uk/wx Open Weather], [http://www.sciproj.com/FeaturedVendorProduct.aspx?uid=1208227 EL-USB-RT], [http://www.raphnet.net/electronique/usbtenki/index_en.php USBTenki], [http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8311 USB Weather Board]
*Futaba servo captute interface (for robots)
*Futaba servo captute interface (for robots)

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As user I noticed some things I wanted to have on my camera, I hope anyone that has ideas can add them here. What features are you waiting for? What software components are still missing that you cannot live without?


If a project has been completed just add the developer that did it, or is busy on it.




Fastest Boot


UDMA support

  • Enable UDMA in the Axis kernel. Needed to support most fast CF cards, will also boost speed on SATA.

Debayer Algorithmn

  • Higher image quality debayer algorithmn FPGA implementation -> VNG


What will the next elphel camera most likely entitled Elphel 373 be like?

Power Supply


  • Vignetting hardware correction
  • Lens distortion hardware correction
  • Fixed pattern noise (FPN) correction
  • Flash mode for rolling shutter
  • Make image thumbnails (binning 8x8 from DCT[0,0] data)

Position adjustment

  • initial focus/pan/tilt sensor adjustment


  • group VLDS pairs in flexible cable from sensor to board
  • CCD sensors

Sony IMX021

  • designed for DSLRs (possibly the sensor used in Nikon D300 / D90)
  • 12.4 MPix
  • 5.5 µm pixel
  • 0.18 µm technology
  • 28mm x 22.2 mm APS-C sized 1.8" image area (28.4 mm diagonal)
  • 12 bit column ADC
  • 10.4 fps in 12.4 MPix mode
  • on-chip noise reduction
  • parallel A/D for every pixel coloumn


  • USB2.0 Support

External data sensors support

  • DONE Compass
  • Dry contact (simply switch event)
  • Proximity
  • Environment sensors: Temperature/Humidity/Pressure/Illuminance/Loudness/.. Open Weather, EL-USB-RT, USBTenki, USB Weather Board
  • Futaba servo captute interface (for robots)

External control