Working with 3D models

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Original file formats

  • *.x3d
  • *.obj wavefront


  • to download a model (x3d, obj and textures) visit 3d+map - open 3d scene then click the download button.
  • textures are *.png files are shared between x3d and obj
  • x3d - textures are listed inside
  • obj - textures are listed in an extra (material) file - *.mtl
  • most of the time textures will be located in the same dir
  • if downloading a model manually - do not forget textures (and a corresponding *.mtl for *.obj)


  • MeshLab
  • CloudCompare
  • Blender

Convert *.x3d to other 3D formats


  • File > Export Mesh As... supports a few formats: *.3ds, *.ply, *.stl, *.obj, *.dxf, *.dae, *.xyz, etc.
    • *.x3d to *.obj:
      • there will be 2 files generated: *.obj and *.obj.mtl - the latter contains a list of texture files which should be kept around as well


  • Supports some x3d files but not all



  • Open *.x3d


  • Lights off
  • Couldn't adjust proper camera settings


  • Convert to *.obj in MeshLab
  • File > Import > Wavefront (.obj)
  • Switch viewport shading to texture (in Default view it's located next to the Object mode)
  • Also, set Shading Multitexture shadeless


  • Convert to *.obj in MeshLab
  • Drag and drop *.obj into the CloudCompare window
  • Options > Display parameters > Colors and Materials > set all lights to white
  • Options > Camera parameters > set Camera/Eye center and fov