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This is a legacy page. The information bellow is not compatible with Elphel 393 or 353/363 series cameras.

Elphel cameras have two different APIs. The ccam.cgi API and the old Video API which is a superset of the AxisAPI. By default (after flashing), Elphel cameras (at least the 333 model) work in the ccam.cgi API mode, which means that all attempts to acces the images using the Video API will come back with a 500 Server Error.

To check wich API is currently active for your camera, use the "chapi.cgi" CGI script:

This will return and XML document such as:



To change the API, use the action=setup&api=X parameters, e.g.:

which will change the API even over reboots and return the changed configuration:



  • ccam.cgi Attempt to describe the somewhat incomprehendible older API
  • Video API Description of the the new Axis-compatible API
  • AxisAPI Description of the Axis-camera API which is partially supported by the Video API.