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I also us cervisia, kompare--Andrey.filippov 14:33, 26 May 2007 (CDT)

to install update to Xilinx WebPACk (requires Internet connection even if the archive is already downloaded) you need first start vanilla 9.1i and edit->preferences->HTML browser: change "mozilla" to "firefox" or just

ln -sf /usr/bin/firefox /usr/bin/mozilla

--Andrey.filippov 15:55, 26 May 2007 (CDT)

I decided to temporary do a ugly hack to solve the NFS flashing problem. I'll move /nfs/elphel353-2.10 to /cdrom/elphel353-2.10, it's not usable after install but at least will work for LiveDVD.

/etc/resolv.conf is empty and eth0&eth1 are configured as bridge with statically.

echo "" > /etc/resolv.conf

apt-get install bridge-utils

cp /usr/share/doc/ifupdown/examples/bridge  /etc/network/if-down.d/

cat > /etc/network/interfaces << EOF
iface br0 inet static
        bridge-ifaces eth0 eth1

I also upgraded GenRes with files Spectr send me.

--Polto 15:33, 20 Sep 2007 (GMT)

"/cdrom/elphel353-2.10" - will it work with firmware upgrades like Elphel Live DVD does or just with the burnt in image?--Andrey.filippov 08:57, 23 November 2007 (CST)

ElphelSoftwareKit#How_building_latest_version_software_for_LiveCD.28i.e_FireFox.29 is about Knoppix based DVD, this page is about Ubuntu based DVD. We will need to move it. --Polto 12:17, 23 Nov 2007 (GMT)

What exactly does this Software Kit include? Will this add the Live DVDs features to Ubuntu? --OneArtPlease 13:15, 22 October 2008 (CDT)

We will try to replace all features of the LiveDVD to Ubuntu, for now most of the Kit is developer oriented. To make it possible to recompile our firmware. --Alexandre.Poltorak 09:02, 24 October 2008 (CDT)

Unpacking mplayer (from mplayer_1.0~rc2-0ubuntu17_amd64.deb) ... dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of mplayer:

mplayer depends on mplayer-skins; however:
 Package mplayer-skins is not installed.
mplayer depends on ttf-dejavu; however:
 Package ttf-dejavu is not installed.

dpkg: error processing mplayer (--install):

dependency problems - leaving unconfigured

Processing triggers for man-db ... Errors were encountered while processing:


Nice to put bookmarks, configure xchat to #elphel on the Eee Box with preinstalled software

I believe it is better to prefix commands with sudo instead of "run script with root privileges' - it is more consistent with the other commands --Andrey.filippov 22:54, 1 January 2009 (CST)

Use gcc-4.2: I have been trying to install the axis-cris compiler on Ubuntu (virtualized under OS X). The instructions under 'Download and install Cris-GCC compiler', (using gcc-4.3 and changing gnu-toplev/gcc/collect2.c and gnu-toplev/libgloss/hp74x/checksum.c to add the third argument 0666 when O_CREATing files) failed with a buffer overflow at 'cris-axis-elf-ar rc ./libgcc.a'. The instructions further down at 'GCC-CRIS cross-compiler installation' (which swaps in the gcc-4.2 before compiling) apparently succeeds. DavidPalmer 17:17, 16 January 2009 (CST)

Worked like charmed on my imac with kubuntu 9.04 as second OS, one remark, at the end of the compilation of the cris dist it says:

*** Now do not forget to update your $MANPATH environment variable with:
   A suitable line to add in your .profile or shell resource file
   (.bashrc .cshrc .zshrc .tcshrc etc) after other settings, may be:
*** Do not forget to update your $PATH environment variable with:
   A suitable line to add in your .profile or shell resource file
   (.bashrc .cshrc .zshrc .tcshrc etc) after other settings, may be:

--tobiokanobi 17:48, 18 August 2009 (CDT) ---

New SDK Environment

Moved from the main article to avoid confusion between installation instructions and plans fro the future

  • About

Considering the existing/old Knoppoix-based Live CD is outdated in terms of its software packages and it's currently left out with no periodic maintenance, we're planning to build a new SDK environment for the users/developers.

  • Architecture
         o x86 compatible, 32bit (i386) & 64bit (amd64)
         o Can be fit into USB key(4GB) and DVD(4.7GB) 
         o Ubuntu 9.10 based for first prototype, release in Feb. 2010. Collect bug report/feedback to make improvement and target to have the first official release (Ubuntu 10.4 based ) in June 2010.
         o Default desktop environment: KDE (so Kubuntu actually)

  • Main Feature
         o USB key can be self-bootable
         o USB key can be used both as live system and installation media (same as Ubuntu Desktop DVD)
         o The live system should be able to drive and demo the Elphel camera.
         o Can be used as a normal Ubuntu system
         o Default installation of following packages: (TBD, refer to
               + mplayer-nogui mplayer gecko-mediaplayer (1.0 from sourceforge)
               + libvorbis-dev libsdl1.2-dev sharutils libasound2-dev liblzo-dev gawk libjpeg62-dev libaudiofile-dev \
                 libsmbclient-dev libxv-dev libpng3-dev libgif-dev libcdparanoia0-dev libxvidcore4-dev libdv-dev \
                 liblivemedia-dev libfreetype6-dev em8300-headers libgl1-mesa-dev libdvdread-dev libdts-dev libtheora-dev \
                 libglu-dev libartsc0-dev libfontconfig-dev libxxf86dga-dev libxinerama-dev libxxf86vm-dev \
                 libxvmc-dev libggi2-dev libmpcdec-dev libspeex-dev libfribidi-dev libfaac-dev  libaa1-dev libcaca-dev \
                 libx264-dev  libpulse-dev libmad0-dev ladspa-sdk libdbus-glib-1-dev libaudio-dev liblzo2-dev libdvdnav-dev \
                 libopenal-dev libjack-dev libtwolame-dev libsvga1-dev libenca-dev libmp3lame-dev
               + cvs build-essential autoconf flex byacc bison libglib2.0-dev tcl gettext libncurses5-dev patch zlib1g-dev nfs-kernel-server bash xutils-dev
               + kinfocenter minicom firefox graphviz doxygen ctags cervisia php5 php5-cli xchat ssh kompare
               + KDevelop 
         o Key package list in exclude list so actions like apt-get upgrade would not break above packages that are already installed
         o Above packages must be included in the USB key image
         o Create meta-package such as apt-get install elphel-dev ?
         o For packages cannot be included in the installation media due to the legal restriction, create meta package / installation script? (put on the desktop)
         o Elphel document link(such as user manual) on desktop (both in installation media live system and installed system)
         o Provide a debian/ubuntu style repository for users so apt-get install can be an feasible option for people who have regular Ubuntu system
         o Include zeroconf for device discovery (10373)
         o Include "camera discovery" script for device discovery
         o Desktop icons for starting mplayer & gstreamer live stream from camera

  • Release & Update
         o Release in a six months cycle in accordance with Ubuntu release cycle, focus on LTS version
         o Wiki page to include key information (installation, important notice etc)
         o Include both USB key in camera package.
         o ISO image downloadable from Elphel website, user may choose to burn into DVD or USB key.
  • Others
         o Elphel label sticker on USB key.
         o Legal/comliance check to ensure no violation on Canonical/Ubuntu, Xilinx, Verilog, Axis, etc such as logo, name use, etc. Vendor selection (USB key, label etc)