HTML Video Surveillance

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  • Elphel cameras
  • GNU/Linux any distro
  • X-Window system
  • Mozilla or FireFox
  • GenReS plugin
  • Perl with perl threads
  • MPlayer with RTSP support with elphel patch


  1. Install all required components
  2. Configure Mozilla to support codebase principal: add next string to prefs.js: user_pref("signed.applets.codebase_principal_support", true); See about:
  3. Configure video surveillance page
  4. Start streamers in multicast mode
  5. Open file index.html in FireFox or Mozilla
  6. Answer "Yes" on question about priveleges for javascript


Edit file cameras.js

Each array top-, left-, right-, bottom_cam contains several or zero quoted IP addresses or DNS names of cameras to view.

Timeout is time in seconds for waiting frames from cameras.

Dragreverce changes the behavior when you drag video in main window.


Page Elements

The page is divided on several frames wich is generated basing on cameras.js config file. In common case is 4 periferal frames with small live video pictures.

top frame
left framecentral windowright frame
control frame
bottom frame

Each of periferal frames can be hidden if the config file not contains of corresponded javascript array. The periferal frames if presented has fixed sizes. Top and bottom frames has height of 199 pixels. Left and right frames has width of 256 pixels. Other space given to the central window. For example if you have 1280x1024 display, page can contain 5 small pictures in the top and in the bottom frames and also if both top and bottom frames presenred, left and right frames with 3 pictures in each and total maximum number of cameras is 16. Or you can configure page to have 5 pictures in one side at the top, bottom, left or right.

Mouse Control

Click on small pictures to see it in the central window. Click on different part of small picture scrolls video in central window.

Scroll central window by mouse dragging on it self.

Control Frame

1:1, 1:2, 1:4
select scale.
fitw, fith
fits width or height to window size.
open main page of the selected camera.
open streamers page.
open stream monitor page.
reverse mouse scrolling by dragging.