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This page contains many of the old examples, some are very old

Our current (2018) focus is in extremely long range 3D vision now combines our advanced hardware with the neural networks [1]

3D scene models (2017-2018)

3D scenes captured in May 2018 with the quad stereo camera [2]

3D scenes captured in 2017 with the prototype (3d-printed) quad stereo camera [3]. There are interesting scenes, such like frozen in time ocean waves, but the camera itself was less precise

Images (old)

3MPix micron sensor

Examples of pictures taken with various lens types

This section compares various lenses used with Elphel 333 Camera and 3MPix sensor.

- computar Lens

- Fujinon Lens ref DF6HA-1B 1:1 2/6mm (spec)

 Picture : view of Strasbourg - France [4]
 take with follow settings : /admin-bin/ccam.cgi?opt=\*cvhxy\&sens=4\&e=10000\&iq=100

- EOS Canon adapter with professional lens 17-40 UMS (photo)

 Picture : view of Strasbourg France [5]
 Picture : second view (minimum aperture) [6]
 Picture : near object and maximum zoom. There is 3 pictures, each with focus on different object
   - picture focus on paper [7]
   - picture focus on water [8]
   - picture focus on USBKey [9]
focus seting is very sensitive. distance between lens and objects 1 meter.
Movie of country with Adapter for Canon Lens , Elphel 333. 3MPix [10]

This not an industrial adaptor, but only a first good experience. Quality of image may be better if we include a manual iris to have more depth in the picture.

5MPix micron sensor

Examples of Electronic Rolling Shutter Distortion

A picture that was made from Elphel's Motor Office moving at approximately 40 mph. [11]

As in 5MPix resolution we have 1/15 second delay from the top to the bottom of the image everything is distorted. Everything but our reflection :)

One more example of distortion inducted by ERS: [12]

Some info on what is ERS and what we intend to do to compensate this artifact.

Nature & animals

Humming birds: [13] [14]

Grand Teton N.P.: [15] [16]

Geo Tagged EXIF

This is an example of Geo Tagged JPEG image from Elphel 353 camera [17] . The Geo Tagging is included inside the EXIF. For more info read GeoTagging page.


The logo from Elphel's Motor Office mirrored in a window. [18]

11MPix kodak sensor

Just images, nothing special [19], [20], [21]

Car license plate in the dark with headlights: [22]

Gated Intensified

This picture was made by the Elphel 303 camera model. This camera is no longer produced but we plan to do another Gated intensified camera based on Elphel 353. More info on Linux devices.

303 photo made by another gated intensified 303: [23]

Special images

An image in JP4 format (JPEG without color interpolation) [24]

Videos (old)

Additional videos are available here

and here

HD cinema

An HD cinema by Oscar Spierenburg [25] More about that here

Shooting RAW video

1920x1080 video @ 24fps demosaiced on client side using Adobe After Effects CS3 [26]

High FPS

Slow motion fire show. This is a 512x384 resolution, 138 fps video done with an Elphel 333 camera with a 3 MPix sensor with out IR-cut filter. Exposure time was 4ms: [27]

100 FPS cafe :) encoded in 3gp

A 100 FPS video done with Elphel 353 camera at 640x480 resolution. The video was then resized to 320x240 and encoded in 3gp. This file can be played on 3gp compatible mobile mobile phones. [28]

Sport application

100 FPS with timestamps watermarked

Swimming: [29] and the "uncompressed" MJPEG version [30]

Photo finish

Some info about photo finish

Slow motion lighter video

A lighter filmed at 112x112 1038 FPS, the replay is at 24 FPS [31]

High res video

This is an example of 3 MPix mpeg4 video transcoded on the fly by VLC from the standard MJPEG/RTP [32]

This small video of a lizard in 5 MPix resolution and MOV container was recorded to a SATA disk attached directly to the NC353L camera trough 10369 board by camogm : [33]

Examples of Electronic Rolling Shutter Distortion

This HD and 5MPix videos demonstrate the Electronic Rolling Shutter Distortion: [34], [35], [36]. (500 MB videos!)

Some info on what is ERS and what we intend to do to compensate this artifact.

High res time lapse video

Time laps videos by

- Zolliken: [37]

- Zueri [38]

- Light events inspired by the Graffiti Research Lab proposed by Julie Usel, Dimitri Klopmann and Quentin Berthet at the festival of city of Geneva "Les yeux de la nuit" (The eyes of the night). Filmed with an Elphel 353 camera. 1600x1200 (ogg/theora): [39], 800x600 (ogg/theora): [40]

- Flowers, 72h timelapse: [41]

- Cocoon, 8 days timelapse: [42]


Dancing filmed at 1280x960: [43]

Slow motion... filmed at 100 FPS replay at 24: [44]

Fire show 1024x768 at 44 FPS, 10ms exposure time: [45]

Theora videos encoded by FPGA on Elphel 333

Here some examples of Theora video encoded by the experimental Theora FPGA bistream and GNU/Linux softwares.

1024x768 @ 25 FPS, 70% quality (6.7M): [46], [47]

1024x768 @ 25 FPS, 60% quality (3.8M): [48], [49]


Swiss watch mechanics 1024x768 @ 42 FPS: [50]

Rear view mirror of Elphel's Motor Office (1024x768 @ 24 FPS) : [51], [52]

Laser engraving on my swiss knife: [53] ;)

Nature & animals

Humming bird, 800x600 @ 21 FPS: [54]

Humming birds, 2048x1536 @ 9 FPS: [55]

Hawks (March 2009, Geneva, Switzerland)

[56], [57], [58] : recorded with camogmgui in MJPEG/MOV format

[59], [60] : Hawks 3MPix @15 FPS rescaled to 1024x768 and restreamed by VLC in Flash video over HTTP. This file was recorded over the Internet. (The camera and VLC stream are in Switzerland, the recording was made over the Internet from Utah, USA)

[61], [62] : Hawks 1920x1088 @25 FPS rescaled to 960x544 and restreamed + recorded in h264 codec

A channel was recently created on vimeo with videos of Common Kestrel and Peregrine Falcon who live at Geneva's SIG facility.

Images and videos by a submersible ROV (remotely operated vehicle) which is deployed in Antarctica since 2007. The project using the Elphel camera is described on SCINI:_Submersible_Capable_of_under_Ice_Navigation_and_Imaging

MJP4 video codec

This is a 5 MPix MJP4/MOV example: [63]. MJP4 is based on JPEG compression of the raw Bayer pixels, rearranged in each macroblock before compression to reduce the high frequency components caused by color )

Medical (old)

Endoscopy camera

These videos were made by a prototype endoscopy camera based on Elphel 333. The test was performed in complete darkness with a halogen lamp of 80 Watt. In the black and white video you can see the resolution and in the color one the colors through the endoscope.

At that moment the auto exposure in Elphel 333 was not stable enough to stabilize quickly and was not usable on humans for a real operation. We will soon make same tests with a Elphel 353 camera model.

1024x768 25fps endoscopy videos:

monochrome [48MB] - [64]

color [29MB] - [65]

This is our experimental cover for endoscopy camera:

Endoscopy equipment: