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Year Publication Comment
2015 Li, Mingyang, et al. "Research and application of the personalized book search method based on user." Computer Science and Network Technology (ICCSNT), 2015 4th International Conference on. Vol. 1. IEEE, 2015. Mentions Elphel NC323 bookscanning camera
2018 Jakovčević, Toni, Marin Bugarić, and Darko Stipaničev. "A STEREO APPROACH TO WILDFIRE SMOKE DETECTION: THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE EXISTING METHODS BY ADDING A NEW DIMENSION." Computing & Informatics 37.2 (2018). Used Elphel stereo camera
2014 Ansalone, L. U. I. G. I., and Fabio Curti. A Search Algorithm for Stochastic Optimization in Initial Orbit Determination. Diss. PhD Thesis, University of Rome “La Sapienza, 2014. Suggested NC353 on a micro-satellite
Abdelsalam, Dahi Ghareab, and Michel Stanislas. "Spherical aberration measurement of a microscope objective by use of calibrated spherical particles." Applied optics 56.16 (2017): 4766-4771. Used Ephel camera in experimental setup
2017 Soria Guzmán, Irene, et al. "Ética hacker, seguridad y vigilancia." (2016). Describes Elphel hackability (Spanish)