10359 in dual sensor setup

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This is not yet an official manual page, this is a page describing my personal tests. Listed materials should *NOT* be considered as safe to use or user-friendly. It is just some experimentation I list on User:Polto#.C2.A0testing to get participation from other developers.

Hardware configuration

10359 polto.jpeg

In my tests I use 2 sensors connected to a 10359 board and a 10353.

To be able to simply visualize the difference I connected 1 color and one monochrome sensor.

For simplicity and better hardware protection I just hacked 2 standard camera cases. It's not perfect at all, but allow a clean setup without many work.


The monochrome sensor is connected with a 12" flat cable. This sensor will need individual phase adjustment.


Transparent mode

Configure the sensor & 10359 and request a single frame

1) I telnet to the camera and do:

cp /usr/html/camera_demo.php /var/html/

2) I modify in /var/html/camera_demo.php:

//!start compressor:
//! or just acquire a single frame


//!start compressor:
//! or just acquire a single frame

3) I call from a browser. The page will be loaded, but the image do not appear. At this moment I open and in another tab, the image appear in

Request a single frame

I can request more images by executing a custom script get1frame.php:

//! just acquire a single frame
echo "<img src=\"http://" . $_SERVER["SERVER_ADDR"] . ":8081/last/save/wait/img \>"

I can get refreshed images from the first sensor (color).

  • Uhhhh* I have the previous image at each refresh

Switch between sensors

I can now switch to the second (monochrome) sensor:

data parameter is the sensor number (1, 2 or 3)

to get an image from this sensor I call again my script

Adjust phase on a particular sensors

Snapshot mode