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This is a legacy page. The information bellow is not compatible with Elphel 393 or 353/363 series cameras.
the current pricelist is available on Price_list

Elphel Model 333 price list (MSRP)
model number Description price, USD Notes
NC333L Network camera base $650 1,7
NC333L-12 Network camera base for battery operation - 12VDC input $650 1,6,7
NC333L-24 Network camera base for battery operation - 24VDC input $650 1,6,7
SF318M1M Sensor front end, monochrome 1280x1024 (1.3 MPix) with Micron MT9M001 CMOS sensor $150 2
SF318M1C Sensor front end, color 1280x1024 with (1.3 MPix) with Micron MT9M001 CMOS sensor $150 2
SF318M2C Sensor front end, color 1600x1200 with (2.0 MPix) Micron MT9D001 CMOS sensor $150 2
SF318M3C Sensor front end, color 2048x1536 with (3.0 MPix) with Micron MT9T001 CMOS sensor $150 2
PW-130 Midspan power supply (by Ault) $30 3
H3Z4512CS Computar Varifocal Lens, 4.5-12.5mm F1.2 Manual Iris 1/2inch CS-Mount $128 4
- GNU/GPL Discount -$100 5


  1. Camera base needs one of the sensor front ends
  2. Sensor front ends have CS-mount thread and come with C/CS-mount adapters. Color sensor front ends come with IR cutoff filter installed. Detailed sensor specs are available for download at Micron web site. We recommend using the 3 MPix sensor front end - SF318M3C
  3. Cameras are compatible with other standard IEEE802.3af midspan power supplies and powered switches
  4. Sensors are slightly bigger than 1/2" format (nominal 6.4mm x4.8mm), you may use 1/2" or larger format other CS-mount or C-mount lenses, a large variety is available at RMA Electronics Inc. Most lenses, even "megapixel" do not provide full resolution for the 3MPix sensors with the full open iris, you will have to set it to 4.0-5.6 to get the full sensor resolution
  5. We offer $100 per camera discount for those who plan to develop software code that will run in Elphel cameras or with them (on a client computer) where the code will be released under GNU GPL or compatible license. This discount is valid with volume prices too. See FAQ about GNU GPL application to Elphel products.
  6. For special applications, not IEEE802.3af compliant. We do not recommend this solution except special applications where the cameras are incorporated into other systems and the cabling is permanent as you can damage your other equipment (i.e. computer) if the powered cable with non-IEEE802.3af power is inserted into the nework port. If you want to run a camera in the car it is easier to use a standard 12VDC->115VAC (or 220VAC) converter and IEEE802.3af compliant power supply.
  7. We usually have some cameras that we can provide to developers free of charge. If you have an interesting project in mind - try convincing us that it qualifies.

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