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In this section, we will show up with two possiblities on how to make an Elphel camera wireless. The first possibility uses an embedded PC104 board with an ARM processor and an USB dongle (zb1211 chipset). This solutions is easy and a nice "work arroud" of the missing USB2.0 capability of the 353 camera. The second possibility will use straight forward the USB1.1 interface. Due to USB1.1, we will be limited with this solution to max. 12Mbit/s datarate. There are even more possibilties, but the proposed solutions are designed to be low power consuming and to keep it small, ideal for mobile applications.

Note: As soon as you use a wireless connection, the max. datarate is limited by several factors, e.g. bandwith, signal strength, hardware.... you should not expect to get the full resolution of the cam with 25fps.

Via an embedded board

Used Configuration

Via USB1.1

USB Dongles

These WiFi USB Dongles might work too.

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